Le Clos de Romagoua, Collobrières

 Where We Are

We are slightly north east of the village of Collobrières.

We have a video that shows how to find the house from the village but the general idea, approaching the village from the Pierrefeu direction, is to go through the village staying on the north side of the river and continue more or less straight until you join the Route de Vaudreches or what used to be called the Route de Notre Dame des Anges. Here you will see a small vineyard on your left. At the far end of this vineyard on the right there is a private road signposted "Le Clos de Romagoua".
Take this track down the hill to a small stream, go over the bridge and continue up the other side, maintaining a steady unfaltering speed of about 10 - 15 km/hr. After about 3 hundred yards the track levels out and the white house is just above the track before it does a sharp zig zag to the right.